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Ryan Murphy Says It Was Britney's Idea To Come On 'Glee'; Open To Justin Bieber Cameo

Access Hollywood - August 11, 2010 
Story photo: Ryan Murphy Says It Was Britney's Idea To Come On 'Glee'; Open To Justin Bieber CameoBritney Spears, Ryan Murphy, Justin BieberGetty ImagesAccess Hollywood
NEW YORK, N.Y. -- According to "Glee's" creator and executive producer, it was Britney Spears' own idea to appear in an upcoming episode of the hit FOX show which will feature the pop princess' music, although it's still not yet a done deal.
"It's a tribute to her and her music and it was her idea to sort of come on and do a couple of fun, sort of, 'Where's Waldo?' moments, but instead of 'Where's Waldo?' It's 'Where's Britney?' That was her idea," Ryan Murphy explained to Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson at the premiere of "Eat Pray Love," which he directed, in New York City on Tuesday night.
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When Shaun asked if Britney would definitely appear on the show, Ryan said that as of right now, it sure looks like it.
"I think Britney is going to be on the show, yes," Ryan, noted.
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Despite several reports, however, Matthew Morrison, will definitely not be shaving his head for the episode.
"No, no, no, no....," Ryan told Shaun when she asked if glee club leader, Mr. Schuester, would be getting rid of his trademark locks. "The episode is a tribute to her pop culture phenomenon over the past 10 years and her music. It's very reverential. It's very full of love and admiration."
In related news, Ryan noted that he would love to have teen singing sensation Justin Bieber come to McKinley High.
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"Well, the kids sing his stuff all day long. Yeah, they do," Ryan said of his cast's backstage vocal moments. "They sing 'Baby.'
"I think he's so phenomenally talented and I think he's great. So, yes, if he was interested I would make that happen," Ryan added.
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When asked about the possibility of fans seeing a Michael Jackson-themed episode, Ryan admitted to Access that an MJ-sound tracked story arc is still up in the air, as he's only just sorting out which artist gets to be the focus of the "Glee" episode that airs after the 2011 Super Bowl in February.
"I don't know," Ryan told Shaun when she asked about an MJ episode. "I'm just sort of deciding now who's going to be the Super Bowl person. So, maybe, I don't know. I haven't decided."