Madonna's New Clothing Line at Macy'sMadonna's foray into fashion with her daughter has hit a sudden snag.

Madonna had partnered with daughter Lordes Leon to launch the Material Girl juniors line in partnership with Macy's earlier this summer. According to our partners at, the California-based clothing manufacturer L.A. Triumph slapped Madonna with a lawsuit on Aug. 19, claiming it's been using the registered Material Girl name on its own juniors clothing range since 1997, selling the goods in big retailers such as Nordstrom.

In court documents posted on Radar, L.A. Triumph says,"Between 1997 and present day, L.A. Triumph and its predecessor have sold millions of dollars of the Material Girl brand of clothes in commerce throughout the United States and have spent large sums in its promotion and advertisement."

The papers go on to explain that Madonna "improperly filed a United States Trademark Application for the Material Girl mark" in December 2009 and that the pop star's brand is now directly competing with -- and threatens to eclipse -- L.A. Triumph's label of the same name.