Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sharon Stone in LA

Sharon Stone Shinning in LA
Hair extension day!
That’s always good for a smile.
That’s actress Sharon Stone leaving a Beverly Hills salon in a very good mood after getting hair extensions (Aug 24th).
Sharon seems to be in a good place as of late.
We caught her cheerfully helping out the homeless recently.
And, she has had some positive things to say about her friend Michael Douglas, who was diagnosed with throat cancer earlier this month.
Stone told Extra that she is positive her Basic Instinct co-star will be victorious in his battle against the disease.
“I was of course very, very concerned because he’s very dear and important to me,” she said. “I feel absolutely certain that he will beat this.”
And, she has some nice things to say about Douglas’s wife Catherine Zeta-Jones.
“He really married the right woman. And I think that when you have the best person standing beside you, there’s nothing more curative than love,” said Stone.