Monday, August 16, 2010

What Rihanna's New Neck Tattoo Says

Us Magazine - August 11, 2010
Story photo: What Rihanna's New Neck Tattoo SaysUs Magazine
Rihanna isn't done expressing herself via body art.
The 22-year-old star revealed yet another tattoo, this one on her neck, while out and about in Manhattan on Wednesday.
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Written in delicate cursive script, the fresh stamp reads "rebelle fleur," which means "rebel/rebellious flower" in French. (According to JustJared, Rihanna got it done the night before at East Side Ink in NYC's East Village.)
The "Love the Way You Lie" singer now has paid well over a dozen visits to tattoo parlors. Back in January, she revealed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that she then had "approximately 13" tattoos.
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During her appearance, she told of a new tat across her chest.
"It reads, 'Never a failure always a lesson,'" says the singer, who split with Chris Brown last year after he assaulted her. "It's basically saying that it's ok to make a mistake, just don't make them twice." (She added that the tattoo was written backwards, so she could read the message "in the mirror to myself.")